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The Dish on Valentine’s Day
By Cassandra Mlynarek | January 23, 2015

1. Fearing's Restaurant
An elegant, chic atmosphere within Dallas’ Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Chef Dean Fearing’s special...

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Park Cities Gem
Rachael Abrams | Photography by Jill Broussard | January 22, 2015

As we approach the Hilton Dallas Park Cities, we remind ourselves that we’re not here to check into the hotel. Instead, we are ready to explore...

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An Emperor's Feast
Kim Pierce | January 22, 2015

Where others failed, Wolfgang Puck got it right, crowning Reunion Tower with a restaurant as dazzling as the 360-degree rotating view. Puck ups the ante for Chinese New Year, when ...

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By Nadia Dabbakeh | January 22, 2015


Commerce Street Bridge

“I live in Oak Cliff and take the Commerce Street Bridge to downtown all the time, only this time I was literally blinded by the bridge...

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Designer Genes
By Jessica Elliott | January 22, 2015

Dallas architectural designer and creative Eddie Fortuna has applied his visual talents and knack for spatial design to some of the biggest and most buzzed-about projects in the city—the Highland Park Village renovations and ...

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Rarefied Racer
By Nate Chapnick | January 21, 2015

There’s nothing more opulent or authentically luxurious than Bentley’s flagship sedan, the Mulsanne. This storied automobile set the world standard by which all other luxury vehicles are judged when its most modern iteration...

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Get Juiced!
Nadia Dabbakeh | January 19, 2015

1. 10 am Cabernet
Fresh pressed grapes, rosemary and apricot are blended together to taste just like a glass of wine. Have it at 10 am, or grab one post-work for all the taste of the good stuff, with none of the bad. $8...

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The Best of the City
By The Editors | January 15, 2015


Becki Howard
Talk about full plates—Becki Howard, AT&T Performing Arts Center’s director of programming, has a lot to manage. Charged with...

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Uchi Does Uptown
By Abby Gregory | January 13, 2015

He commands Texas’ most talked-about sushi concept, but at home, Tyson Cole transitions from creative maverick to culinary clairvoyant. Catering to three young daughters with capricious appetites, Cole and his wife, Rebekkah,...

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Readers' Choice: Favorite Museum
The Editors | January 12, 2015

1. Dallas Contemporary
With its thought-provoking exhibitions and legendary parties, the newest museum on the scene...

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Virgin Territory
Mike Espindle | January 8, 2015

Visitors to idyllic Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands who stroll along the shoreline along Valley Trunk Bay have been asking one question for years: What exactly is that Balinese-style house just in from the beach? What it is,...

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Home Frye
By Ayesha Khan | January 5, 2015

“I love how friendly we are. Texans are really friendly, down-to-earth people,” exclaims Kelly Frye, her drawl faded after years of living in Los Angeles. She also counts the local food as one of the biggest reasons she returns to the Lone...

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