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Poker Face
By Jerry Hicks | August 3, 2015

Adam Pliska is a home-game amateur poker player. So how did the Newport Beach resident end up president and CEO of the World Poker Tour, TV’s most popular and globally sought-after (it...

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Ruling the Roost
By Amy Finley | August 3, 2015

When The Roost opens on East Santa Ana Boulevard this month, Geoff Akins—co-founder of AkinsParker, the creative firm behind...

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Exchange Market
By Tina Borgatta | August 3, 2015

In tony Laguna Beach, $500 sleepwear isn’t novel. But $500 sleepwear that comes with a Nobel Prize pedigree? That’s a status symbol. “When we went to the DRC this past May to open our second sewing center, we had a list of...

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Rockin' Roll!
Jamie Gwen | Photography by John Dole | August 3, 2015

For the record, I’m a sushi snob. I dined at an 11-seat bar owned and run solely by a sushi master and his wife while honeymooning in Maui. I’ve watched Jiro Dreams of Sushi four times. And I...

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By Tina Borgatta | August 3, 2015


Near Huntington Beach Pier

Beat a world record and you earn some major bragging rights. If the quest is wacky enough, you might just end up in the news, as did...

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Ferrari Finesse
By Nate Chapnick | August 3, 2015

It seems like an impossible task: Take Ferrari’s already sensational 458 midrear engine V8 supercar and replace it with something that’s even better. Although challenged, Ferrari...

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Home is a Trip
By Ayesha Khan | July 31, 2015


Imagine spending a morning languishing beside a...

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She's Got Game
By Ray Rogers | July 29, 2015

High up in the Hollywood Hills, actress Michelle Monaghan is marveling at the expansive view of downtown L.A. from the enviable vantage point of the bright, colorful 1923-built abode that Ginger Rogers once called home. Monaghan and husband...

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The Hit List: Scene Stealers!
By Danaé Overman | July 27, 2015

1. Pierce Meehan: Surf Panels
It’s the quintessential show for summer in O.C.—the creative uses...

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The Hit List: Culture Vultures
By the Riviera staff | July 16, 2015

1. Coastal Wonders
Take in the beauty of the best coast when you view solo artist Brian Blood’s plein air paintings of all our Golden State has to offer. His works will be...

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The Hit List: Summer Fun!
By Danaé Overman | July 9, 2015

1. Much Ado About Nothing
The juxtaposition of Shakespearean times and 1940s America set the stage for this...

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Global Fare
By Jerry Hicks | July 7, 2015

When chef Geeta Bansal, known for her popular Irvine restaurant, Clay Oven, suffered a temporary illness that took her out of the kitchen two years ago, she decided to launch a dining blog to keep...

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