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Life comes full circle on the sands of Laguna Beach.

Main Beach, Laguna

Photographer and traveler Mark Weston was enjoying a stroll with his wife after a leisurely Saturday-morning meal at Zinc Cafe. It’s a ritual, of sorts, for the couple, and Weston always brings along his camera. But the scene Weston and his wife took in on this particular day was special. Beyond seeing art in the making, they witnessed a trapping of everyday life—how people become so wrapped up in their routines that they forget to look up. “We watched one person walking a large dog into the artwork,” Weston says. “The next person, who was staring at a mobile phone, walked into the patterns and was about two circles deep before noticing that the artist was working there.” It turns out the man drawing the circles was artist Jim Denevan. “We later learned that the sand drawing was going to be illuminated with 2,500 solar lights. ... Unfortunately, we were going to an art opening in Santa Monica and couldn’t see the lighted results that night. But I suspect it was beautiful.”