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Going Au Naturel
Charlotte Farrell | April 10, 2014

1. Encinitas’ own Bloom Natural Health wants its customers to blossom into their healthiest selves, and addresses factors like stress, weight gain and fatigue,...

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Vive La Cuisine!
Charlotte Farrell | April 7, 2014

1. Chef Katie Grebow is at the helm of downtown gem Café Chloe, whipping up bistro dishes that would make Julia Child proud. The interior is tres Left Bank, with its...

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On a Roll
Amy Finley | April 4, 2014

A food truck put them on the map. And though that trend will go down as one of the biggest to sweep S.D.’s culinary scene, Juan Miron and Kevin Ho say they don’t think of themselves as trendy. “We’re forward-...

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The Jwalk
Amy Finley | Photography by Andrea Bricco | April 4, 2014

Christian Graves is a micro manager.

When the tall, bearded chef places his double-cut pork chop on the table before me and my husband, Greg, the plate is as brown as the distressed wood tabletop. Golden-crusted hush...

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For Pete’s Sake
Eric Olson | April 3, 2014

Thanks to chef Pete Balistreri, San Diego is officially on the meat market.

With artisanal foods now a culinary mainstay and the spotlight shining bright on tradition-venerating chefs, charcuterie’s become a calling card for big-city food fame...

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Gillian Flynn | April 3, 2014


The Children’s Pool, La Jolla Cove

A big storm brought a much-needed downfall to drought-stricken California, with sheets of rain drenching part of the state and big...

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Shore Thing
Gillian Flynn | March 28, 2014

San Diego’s home-design doldrums are being cured by a house. But not just any old house. Enter Paul Scott Silvera’s Scout Home, located in a historic Point Loma manse...

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Men of Style
Seth Combs, Amy Finley, Gillian Flynn, Shelby Stanger and AnnaMaria Stephens | March 28, 2014

The Ground Breaker
Construction sites don’t exactly encourage high style—unless you count a hard hat as a must-have accessory. “When I get home, I...

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Dynamic Duo
Adam Sherrett | March 28, 2014

“Something innate to our sound is our telepathic connection,” says Jared Mattson, the older (by eight minutes) of the musical twins behind the Mattson 2.

Over the past few years, the Leucadia natives have taken the SoCal music scene...

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Best In Class
Nate Chapnick | March 26, 2014

Eco Supercar

2015 BMW i8
Revolutionary in its design, the 2015 BMW i8 looks like nothing else on the road. Otherworldly aesthetic details include doors that open up and out like wings, striking LED headlamps...

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