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Surf stoked? The third annual S.D. Surf Film Festival screens a quiver of international premieres.

The film Land of Patagones, chronicling two surfers’ South American adventures, is one of the world premieres at the third annual S.D. Surf Film Festival, to be held at Bird’s Surf Shed this month.

When San Diego-based filmmaker Pierce Kavanagh visited New York City in 2011 to screen his documentary Manufacturing Stoke at the New York Surf Film Festival, the disconnect between the big city and the big waves served as a motivation. “It was a great festival,” he recalls. “But I asked my wife, ‘Why don’t we have one in San Diego?’” Fast-forward. On May 7-10, the San Diego Surf Film Festival will celebrate its third year, having become a major player in the surf film circuit. The international entries, from Japan to Peru, reflect the global passion for shredding. “You shake your head and say, ‘Oh, yeah, they’re surfing over there,’” says Kavanagh. “Everything’s easy in Southern California. You can buy surf wax at the local 7-Eleven. It’s a lot harder in India. Those guys really have to work for it when they get bitten by the surf bug.”