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Astronomy Nights with ACES

8:00 pm

ACES invites you to Hallam Lake to look up and learn about the night sky. Each evening starts with a 15-minute lesson covering basic astronomy concepts, such as life-cycle of a star, reasons for meteor showers, what planets might be visible, or how phases of the moon work. After the mini-lecture, all will gather outside for the star-gazing portion of the evening. Aspen High School Astronomy Club member Ricky Woycik will be on-hand to guide guests through the phenomena of the mountain night sky.

April 23: Space Time, Gravity and Black Holes
Are you ready to absorb some mind-bending things that happen in our Universe? If gravity has ability to change, does that affect and control time? What do black holes have to do with it and why are they confusing scientists everywhere? If it’s cloudy, we’ll have a fun time discussing what happens in the movie ‘Interstellar.” But if it’s clear, we’ll enjoy lots of shooting stars radiating from Lyra!

Free for members, $5 for non members,

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ACES Hallam Lake
100 Puppy Smith St.
Aspen, CO 81611