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Bonedale Bike Week

05.19.17 - 05.25.17

A celebration of bikes and the people who ride them. CarBondale without the “car” Bonedale Bike Week is a five-day celebration of the best way to get around Car(LESS)bondale! The 9th Annual Bonedale Bike Week celebrates the greatest way to get around Carbondale—the bicycle. BBW Volunteers and partnering organizations will host bike-related events for all ages. Bike Week promotes bike awareness and know-how to new riders young and old, strengthens the community of cyclists, and promotes car-less transportation in Carbondale and beyond. Bonedale Bike Week’s generous sponsors will provide giveaways at events, including a raffle at the week finale Scavenger Hunt party! This includes the 3rd Annual free ride contest at Carbondale’s bike park, Sunday May 20, 2017. From Striders to Pros, there will be many divisions and contests. Pump track time trials, best trick jam sessions, and more!

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