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Keeping It Regal

By Etta Meyer

Photographed by Jeff Nelson | Styled by Giselle Leal | Shot on location at the Redstone Castle


Decadent gowns, tailored suits and intricate jewels are all fit for the aspiring royal.

The Redstone Castle has all the ingredients of a good story: a rich coal baron, a second wife, a federal seizure and, of course, a fairy-tale ending with a return to glory after a recent multimillion dollar renovation. The 48-room, 23,000-square-foot property, about 18 miles from Carbondale in the Crystal River Valley, is the former home of John Cleveland Osgood, who built the mansion as a hunting retreat in the early 1900s. Ten owners later, Steve and April Carver (of Glenwood Springs’ Hotel Denver) have completed a restoration that not only pays homage to its original splendor, but makes it a true gem of the Rockies. The public can experience the castle through tours, overnight luxury suites, corporate events and weddings. Aspen Magazine posted up there this fall to play with the upcoming winter season’s most delicious formalwear, from evening gowns to fabulous furs. We left the drama out of it, but the scenes are still worth devouring.

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