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Top 5 Favorite Local Bakeries in Aspen

Paradise Bakery


Top 5 Favorite Local Bakeries

By Shannon Asher

Photo courtesy of Paradise Bakery


Flaky, moist, often sugary goodness is sometimes all you need to satisfy a sweet tooth. Nothing quite beats the smell of fresh baked old-fashioned chocolate chip cookies or sweet and savory lemon meringue pie. The allure of something sweet has a mouthwatering appeal that can send even the strictest calorie counter out the door and on their way to a sinfully good dessert. Visiting an actual bakery to buy bread is like going to a butcher to buy meat or a fishmonger to buy fish—a dying ritual. There is something to be said for buying goods from dedicated businesses, often small, that have their specialty down to a science. Luckily, a few small bakeries still exist in Aspen. Whether you're craving freshly baked bread, flaky pain au chocolate, cakes or fruit-studded tarts, our best bakeries in Aspen have something for everyone.

1. Paradise Bakery
Known for its delectable ice cream and cookies, there is almost always a line out the door of Paradise Bakery. The plate of samples alone will lure you in and the wait won’t seem as bad when there is a scrumptious munchie in your hand. With a vast seating area outside, the bakery has become one of the best people watching hubs in all of downtown. On summer evenings you won’t find a better place to enjoy your after-dinner dessert and watch the classical musicians from the Aspen Music Festival. 320 S. Galena St., 970.925.7585

2. Main Street Bakery
“When I first took over the bakery, I had never baked a muffin in my life,” says Bill Dinsmore, owner of Main Street Bakery since 1989. The Main Street Bakery doesn’t need any newspaper or online advertising to showcase its business. It’s an Aspen staple. Featuring its own blend of coffee and comfort food for breakfast such as eggs, bacon, sausage and pancakes, the bakery is, for many locals, as close as you get to having a home-cooked meal with fresh ingredients. 201 E. Main St., 970.925.6446

3. Louis Swiss
Louis Swiss Bakery & Café serves fresh baked breads, pastries, pizza and sandwiches. While the bakery offers breakfast, lunch and carry-out, it's mostly known as a wholesaler, providing many restaurants and cafés their baked goods. Louis Swiss Bakery & Café is open daily. Make sure you get there early for the first pick of the day. 400 Aspen Airport Business Center, 970.925.8592

4. Franck Thirion
Franck Thirion traveled 5,266 miles to bring a little French taste and elegance to the rugged American landscape of Aspen. Thirion is a third-generation pastry chef and owner of Franck Thirion French Pastry & Café. He grew up in Essey-lès-Nancy, France, surrounded in dough, batter and glazes. His grandfather was a baker and his father owns a pâtisserie in northeastern France. “Pastry is very important in France,” Thirion said. “We like to eat and always finish a meal with something sweet, special and delicious.” 111 Aspen Airport Business Center, 970.925.3569

5. Annette’s Mountain Bake Shop
This small little shop on the Hyman Mall is perfect for a grab-and-go lunch. Here, everything is homemade and the smell of fresh bread and baked goods wafting out of the small shop will lure you in for a bite to eat. Owned and operated by longtime local Annette, everything is made with care. Whether it’s a tasty salad, or delicious soup or sandwich from the menu off the sandwich board outside, it’s hard to leave Annette’s without succumbing to one of the fresh pastries on display while you wait for your food. 420 E. Hyman Ave., 970.544.1806