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What's in Olympian Simi Hamilton's Closet

By The Editors

Portrait courtesy of Fischer / NordicFocus


Olympian Simi Hamilton dishes on his go-to clothing taste for on—and off—the Nordic course.

Olympian Simi Hamilton is a product of the Aspen Valley Ski & Snowboard Club, but his Aspen roots run deeper than that: His grandfather, D.R.C. Brown, was the head of Aspen Skiing Company from 1957-79. These days, Hamilton’s found on the global stage, where he most recently cross country skied for the U.S. Olympic team in South Korea. With four World Cup sprint medals, he’s the most decorated member of the men’s cross-country team. Here, he lists his favorite things to wear besides hardware.

L.L.Bean Ultralight 850 Down Jacket
“This puffy does it all. It keeps me warm pre- and post-workout, is as light as bubble wrap and packs down to the size of a baseball (which is especially important considering I live out of a duffel bag for eight months each year).” $199

La Sportiva Helios Trail Running Shoes
“For training, these shoes are light, versatile, have the best tread and offer the ankle support I need.” $125, Bristlecone Sports, 781 E. Valley Road, Basalt

Craft Jacket
“It doesn’t matter if I’m above 14,000 feet in my home mountains in Colorado or warming up for a World Cup sprint race, my go-to Craft outer layers keep me moving the way I need to be moving and staying warm in whatever conditions I’m in.” Jacket $179

Dermatone Skin Protector
“On those days I’m racing in Scandinavia and it’s -5 F, I lather on some Dermatone to keep from getting my nose and cheeks frostbit.” $12, Carl’s Pharmacy, 306 E. Main St.

“Off the ski trails, you’ll find me rocking my Oakley Crossranges. When I’m training and racing, my go-to Oakley shades are the Radar EV Patch for the sunny days and the EVZero Strides for the low-light days. As a sprinter, seeing and reading the terrain of the snow is especially important, and Oakley offers the absolute best lens and frame technology I’ve ever seen, no pun intended.” $189, Four Mountain Sports, 520 E. Durant Ave.; $163, Aspen Sports, 408 E. Cooper Ave. 

Blundstone The Chisel Toe Work Boots
“For around town or when I’m putting chains on our rental vans in Europe during the winter, I’m always in these; you can’t go wrong with a pair of boots that you wear to both dinner parties and to chop wood.” $229

Smartwool PhD Run Ultra Light Micro Socks
“No matter what season, I can rest assured that my feet are either breathing and staying cool, or trapping in the heat and staying warm. Bonus: If you’re smart about the pattern you choose, you won’t get any weird looks when you kick your shoes off on the airplane.” $21, Ute Mountaineer, 201 S. Galena St.