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Sangria Season

It’s summertime! Sweeten up your libation regimen with sangria, the perfect drink for those warmer months. Here are some of our favorites. Now, the only question is: Do you prefer white or red?

Aspen’s summer drink is sangria, and it’s available in red and white versions.

1. Limelight Hotel's House Made Sangria
This is sangria done right. It’s a somewhat spontaneous amalgamation of green apples and everything citrus soaked in red wine, brandy, vodka, rum and lime juice for three days. Take the fruit out, add some ice, supply a lime and raspberry garnish and you’ve got a robust-flavored drink. But proceed with caution: This beverage may taste sweet, but it packs a boozy punch. Sangria margaritas are also available for tequila-loving patrons. $11, 355 S Monarch St., Aspen, 970.925.3025

2. The Edge Restaurant and Bar's Sparkling Sangria
The Edge always takes the extra step in its tasty dishes and drinks, and the sangria is no exception. Gran Sarao Cava give this sangria some bubbles, and Peachtree schnapps adds sweet flavor. Oranges, lemons and limes float at the top of the glass and maraschino cherries rest at the bottom, providing the ideal sweet and sour contrast. $12, 690 Carriage Way, Snowmass Village, 970.923.4004

3. Justice Snow's Brazilian Purple Corn Sangria
Sangria originated in Spain and Portugal, but not this version. Justice Snow’s sangria came straight from Brazil. Negating the traditional fruits, this libation has dried Brazilian purple corn and pink peppercorns mixed in, giving it a light spicy flavor. Apple brandy, cachaca, St. Germain, ginger ale and an array of citrus juices help bring out the sweetness in each sip. Order up one of these and you’ll feel like you’ve arrived on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro. $12, 328 E. Hyman Avenue, Aspen, 970.429.8192

4. Prospect Restaurant at the Hotel Jerome's White Sangria
There’s not much better than indulging with a cold drink on the porch at the Jerome, and the white sangria is a perfect choice. This sweet yet tolerable drink is light on the fruit, but heavy on the alcohol with Pinot Grigio, vodka and Cointreau, plus orange juice and peach puree. $14, 330 E. Main St., 970.920.1000

5. Jimmy's White Sangria
If you’re a grapefruit fan, look no farther then Jimmy’s for your sangria fix. This simple and light concoction includes Sauvignon Blanc muddled with grapefruit, strawberry and raspberry. The taste is alarmingly tart at first, but the true flavor comes out when the fruits and wine start to meld together. $12, 205 S Mill St #2, Aspen, 970.925.6020