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You Cycle, WE-cycle

Check out a WE-cycle, and enjoy these top five cruiser rides around Aspen.

A WE-cycle is your new best friend this summer.

Summer is the perfect time to get out and play. And WE-cycle, Aspen’s bike-share system, is just the ticket for a leisurely bike ride. Plus, you’ll avoid the traffic and parking hassles while getting some fresh mountain air. The idea is simple: Check out one of the 100 bikes at any of the 14 WE-cycle stations around town, take it for a spin, and return it within 30 minutes. Here, Mirte Mallory, an Aspen native and co-founder of WE-cycle, shares her favorite cruiser routes, plus hikes and strolls that can be accessed by bike, in Aspen.

1. The Bike-Hike Combo
WE-cycle to the Hunter Creek Station, where you’ll leave the bike. From there, enjoy the picturesque hike up Hunter Creek. Continue up through the Hunter Creek Valley to the top of Smuggler Mountain. Hike back down Smuggler Mountain Road and pick up a WE-cycle at the Smuggler | Centennial Station. Cruise back to the Peach’s | City Hall Station for a cup of coffee or a snack at Peach’s Corner Café.

2. Gardens and Sunsets
Pick up a WE-cycle at any station in downtown Aspen. Ride through the beautiful and historic West End to the Aspen Meadows Station, and savor a drink while enjoying the long light and setting sun on the Aspen Meadows deck. Afterwards, WE-cycle back to the CP Burger | Rubey Park Station for dinner in town.

3. Mind-Body-Spirit
WE-cycle to the Aspen Institute Station. Leave your bike and walk through the peaceful Anderson Park (designed by Herbert Bayer). Pick up another WE-cycle at the Aspen Meadows Station and pedal back to town.

4. History Tour
Check out a WE-cycle at the Paepcke Park Station. Pedal west on the Hopkins Ped-Bike Way to the Holden-Marolt Mining Museum. Return to town along the base of Aspen Mountain through Koch Lumber Yard and along Durant Avenue to the Gondola Plaza Station.

5. Let WE-cycle Be Your Townie
Select fresh produce at the Aspen Saturday Market. Then, check out a WE-cycle at Peach’s | City Hall Station. Cruise downhill to the Clark’s Market | Sotheby’s Station to pick up mail and groceries. Lastly, pedal over to the Aspen Brewery Station to pick up a growler and tickets to an evening event at the Wheeler Opera House.