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RMS Beauty Fig & Flower Natural Beauty

RMS Beauty’s products from Fig & Flower Natural Beauty may come in little glass pods, but their color payoff is huge.


5 Best Natural Beauty Spots

By Caroline Perrott

Photo courtesy of Fig & Flower Natural Beauty


Spring calls for fresh faces courtesy of all-natural and organic beauty products.

1. Fig & Flower Natural Beauty This charming storefront tucked away in the Virginia-Highland neighborhood is serving up local and national beauty brands alike, and every product it sells is certified organic and/or natural. You can’t go wrong with the RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek pigment pot, which comes in eight beautiful shades that complement nearly every skintone. Our favorite? “Demure,” which, as its name implies, is a soft and subtle shade, adding a careful flush to the cheeks and lips. 636 N. Highland Ave. NE

2. Skin IQ Head to Skin IQ’s for a full breakdown on your skin’s health. This place sells everything from Precision MC to Puramed Professional to Revision Skincare and every natural brand in between. Try the Obahi Hydrate Luxe cream for long-lasting moisture that truly makes a difference in your complexion. Plumper, smoother skin? We’re in! 56 E. Andrews Drive NW

3. Little Barn Apothecary We’ve been avid fans of this place since it opened its Westside brick-and-mortar last year. The sweet and Southern layout and delicious-smelling products wafting through the store are enough to keep you wandering around for long enough to buy as many of the brand’s products as you can carry. The face mists are so soothing, they make you sleepy with just one spritz. Opt for the aloe + rosewater balance mist for a sweet-smelling addition to your usual skincare regimen. 1170 Howell Mill Road, Ste. OL1

4. Cait + Co. The Luxe Apothecary body scrubs at this place promise to give you silky smooth skin that smells like nothing you’ve ever sniffed before. The sea clay + mint is the perfect transition product for Summer. 976 Jefferson St. NW

5. Sally B’s Skin Yummies The certifed cruelty-free brand produces fresh products without parabans, mineral oil, GMO and more, ensuring that the beautiful skincare and cosmetics you apply are as beautiful as they are ethical. Pair the two antioxidant serums (one is meant for daytime use and the other is strictly for nighttime) for a well-balanced complexion sans free radicals. 1800 Miami Circle, Ste. 10