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The “Falcon” statue outside Mercedes-Benz Stadium greets guests at the front entrance.


5 Facts about Mercedes-Benz Stadium

By Caroline Perrott

Photo courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Stadium


Atlanta’s brand new world-class sport and entertainment facility is truly all it’s cracked up to be. With top-tier restos, community-centric art installments and innovative architectural design, the Mercedes-Benz Stadium provides much more than the typical game day experience.

1. 180 pieces of art created by SCAD students and alumni are featured inside the stadium.
As one of the stadium’s most captivating elements, the featured artwork showcases the talents of the Atlanta community, unifying both sport and craft. SCAD teamed up with their global network of over 45,000 artists and designers to commission work for the project and ultimately create an energetic and inspiring aesthetic throughout the arena to enhance the game day experience.

2. The premiere “Falcon” sculpture on display is the largest free-standing bird statue in the world.
Constructed by Gábor Miklós Szőke of Budapest, the sculpture looms in on its football-shaped prey at a height of 41.5 feet and a wingspan of over 70 feet. The beautiful tribute sores on the main plaza facing the city’s skyline. Nothing says “Rise Up” in a more eloquent way.

3. Mercedes-Benz Stadium will debut its own custom restaurant concept, Molly B’s.
Named after Atlanta Falcons owner Author Blank’s beloved mother, the modern southern-inspired chophouse will ride the line between private club and a full-service eatery. The impressive menu, developed by Michael Bertozzi of Atlanta’s TWO Urban Licks, appeals to everyone and sizably complements the exclusive field views. Accompanying Molly B’s are other famed Atlanta names including chef Kevin Gillespie who will have set-ups in the stadium.

4. The grand total cost of construction of the stadium was $1.5 billion.
The most expansive aspect of this large sum was focused on the overall fan experience. More than 3,250 speakers plus 82,500 square feet of video have been installed in the stadium to create an integrated, surreal experience for the spectator. It’s the minute details—like the two extra inches added to the 71,000 seats—that give the Mercedes-Benz Stadium it’s luxurious and serving aesthetic.

5. The stadium’s unique retractable roof will be able to open and close in less than 12 minutes.
Perhaps the most marveled engineering feat is the stadium’s automated retractable curtain system. Eight motorized panels weigh in at 500 tons each and will be able to operate at the push of a button, allowing natural light to flood the stadium for games and concerts when weather permits. The retractable roof is the double play of the stadium, giving fans the best of both worlds.