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Katie Miner


Center of Attraction

By Dana Gardner

Photography by Andrea Fremiotti & Jeff Roffman | Shot on location at Icon Midtown Atlanta


There are fitness fiends and then those who make it look completely effortless. Here are four fit Atlantans who make the art of looking good look easy.

Sherry Kubanyi
A lawyer-turned-professional fitness competitor exudes strength and style.

Sherry Kubanyi is a successful Buckhead-based lawyer who doubles as a professional fitness competitor, competing three times a year. When getting in shape for these high-stake competitions, Kubanyi pushes her body to its peak with daily training: Think heavy weight training and cardio every day with high-intensity interval training sprinkled in throughout the week. She also works with California-based nutritionist Kim Oddo to ensure she’s fueling her body with optimum nutrition. Even when she’s not in training, Kubanyi knows how important it is to eat right and stay moving. It’s during these times that she dines at places like Eat Fit Go, participates in heavy-bag boxing and keeps herself limber at Atlanta Hot Yoga.

1 “Not only is Sun Potion’s cold press Ashwagandha good for lowering stress-induced cortisol levels, it has whole-body health benefits like boosting brain power, lowering sugar levels and increasing muscle mass.” $43, Little Barn Apothecary

2 “When I’m not in sneakers, I’m in heels. To keep my feet healthy, my go-to is Still Standing foot spray.” $40

3 “Organic Gypsy cream is a miracle in a jar. It’s good for everything from increasing collagen and skin elasticity to reducing acne. Love it!” $26

4 “My Apple Watch is a real live digital assistant, workout motivator and cheerleader—all in one convenient wrist-wearing package.” $329, Apple, Lenox Square

5 “I sometimes workout in the middle of the day… and keep Badlands dry shampoo paste in my gym bag. It saves the day.” $29, Neiman Marcus, Lenox Square;