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Fur throw blanket, $1,295, by Adrienne Landau at Neiman Marcus, Lenox Square


Doggone Great

By Jessica Cherner

Portrait by Patrick Heagney


As the “only child” of Atlanta couple Su and Al Longman, this pampered pooch is living the good life.

I, Jolie Petite Longman, may only weigh a few pounds, but the life I lead is worth its weight in diamonds, fur and biweekly blueberry facials. As a purebred bichon frise born into a family of national champion show dogs, my adopted parents, Su and Al Longman, have showered me with a warm bed to sleep in (their own); an organic and grass-fed diet; and frequent shopping trips to David Yurman, where I pick out my own sparkly pendants for my one-of-a-kind collar. Of all the perks that come with being Jolie Petite, my favorite is matching my mama when we wear our chinchilla, sable, lynx and mink coats. Mine, of course, are all custom-made from Neiman Marcus. I like to prance around the store for inspiration, and I never get asked to leave because I may be a dog, but I’m also a little princess. Just in case, though, mama has me as an emotional support pet to ensure I’ll get in everywhere, including Jean- Georges in New York City, private jets, Saks Fifth Avenue and more. I know I may seem disconnected from the furry masses—what with my luxurious accessories and five-star diet—but I am a big believer in giving back to my community. Many of my four-legged peers are mistreated, abused or homeless, which breaks my little heart, so I participate in and support the Atlanta Humane Society with campaigns, fashion shows and social media. At the ripe age of 9 years and 8 months old, I am in tip-top shape and health, thanks to my godmother and chiropractor Dr. Addys Cabanas, who straightens me out from snout to tail. Dog days may have a stigma, but I say those are the best kind! 

Originally published in the March issue of The Atlantan