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With Homespun, expect a meal that’s both pleasing to the eye and palate.


Get Feast-ive

By Katie Kelly Bell

Homespun photo by Kathryn McCrary | STK cocktail photo courtesy of STK Atlanta


Give your holiday season a first-class upgrade with these experiences.

Home Plate
An exclusive chef’s table dining experience is a hot ticket in any restaurant, so make it an even more personalized celebration and bring the private chef concept home—or wherever you decide to play host for an evening. Homespun, a boutique chef-driven catering concept from chef Jason Jimenez (of Decatur’s Kitchen Six restaurant) and his wife, Jamie, who are serving up hearty dishes and five-star hospitality whenever and wherever. “We created this concept to allow people to create an experience, enjoy being the host and actually join the fun,” explains Jimenez. Just provide an oven, stove and refrigeration, and let the Homespun team take on the rest. And we mean the rest—from creating the tablescape and taking care of the dishes and linens to cleaning up the aftermath—down to the last pan.

Now you can treat yourself and your guests to a bespoke four-course menu—that’s a starter, plated first course, family-style main course, plus a plated dessert. Says Jimenez, “The whole idea is to take the burden from hosting out of the equation.” The Atlanta-based chef is passionate about pristine, locally sourced ingredients, so rest assured that your menu will reflect the best the city has to offer. 

Vintage Birthday
Find out which sips were the going trend the day you were born by spending your next birthday pairing a selection of wines from your birth year with a decadently prepared dinner, thanks to Atlas sommelier and manager Christopher Lodge. Working with the feted guest, he’ll source special—and hard-to-find—wines. Indeed, there are really only a few places on Earth that make wine ageworthy enough to enjoy 20 or 30 years down the road, which is why working with an expert such as Lodge is essential. “This is also a time when vintage information is critical. You may have been born in a terrible year for wine, so be flexible and consider drinking wines from your era, rather than [your] specific year,” he notes. If it’s a 50th birthday, Lodge suggests drinking a vintage port, noting: “They are best after they’ve aged for 20-plus years; I had a vintage port from 1877, and it was still phenomenal.” Madeira is another wine that primes as it ages beyond 30 years. Right now at Atlas, Lodge has a 1983 port and Madeira from 1973 and 1977. Yet Lodge loves to pour vintage Bordeaux most of all: “It’s just one of the coolest—and most expensive—regions to explore,” he says. Like most good things, vintage wine dinners can’t be rushed, so if you want to plan a birth-year wine dinner, Lodge prefers a six to eight weeks’ notice.

STK Atlanta’s refreshing Cucumber Stiletto cocktail

Thrown, Not Stirred
For well over 50 years, the only place one might witness the art of martini throwing was in Barcelona, Spain, but the practice has slowly made its way into the American bartender’s repertoire. Now, STK Atlanta is the place to get tossed. Thrown martinis, according to bartender Cody Wayda, “achieve better drink aeration, and enhancing the aromatics is the reason for such a dramatic long pour.” To throw, one needs a vessel held high above the head, and another, which must he held well below the waist; the long slow pour ensures smaller bubbles in the drink. Says Wayda, “When you shake a martini, you create much larger bubbles. The smaller bubbles in a thrown martini better enhance the texture and aromatics.” Gin is also a naturally ideal spirit for throwing because of its botanical aromatics. Because of throwing’s nascent popularity, guests don’t request it, but Wayda does it anyway. “There’s a nice wow factor to it, and it makes for a great drink.” And, yes, he confesses to missing from time to time: “It happens; luckily STK has nice thick mats on the floor.”