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Hicham Azhari


Hicham Azhari is Our Man of the Moment

By Austin Holt

Photo by Andrea Fremiotti


Here’s how OTP’s top restaurateur—and this month’s Man of the Moment—continues to up the ante by moving into town.

If you’re not familiar with Hicham Azhari by name, you definitely know his work, especially if you’re one of the many Atlantans anticipating Little Alley Steak’s brand-new Buckhead setup. For more than a decade, this restaurateur (along with business parent Fikret “Fix” Kovac) has been building a brand with a nearly precognitive finger on the pulse of Atlanta’s exploding restaurant scene.

FH Food Trading Group has been responsible for Salt Factory Pub, The Real Fix Pizzeria and Little Alley Steak, all of which have made an incredible mark on metro Atlanta’s restaurant culture. Well and good for Atlanta’s suburb set (especially for Roswellians, who can hardly seem to throw a stone without hitting a FH concept), but so far, in-towners have had to make the short trek northward to see what all the buzz is about—until now that is, thanks to the new Little Alley Steak locale bowing in Buckhead this month. Some would say Azhari is doubling down. But to him, it’s more like tripling. This outpost will be three times the size of his OTP locations.

Best. Biggest. Excellence. Words that can herald deserved grandeur, but also, an easily overwhelming combination—were it not for Azhari’s greatest asset. “Our staff is our family,” Azhari says. “Our managers started out as servers with us almost 10 years ago, and they’ve stayed with us because they understand our culture. They enjoy the vision we’ve created. There’s this companywide loyalty we’ve cultivated, and that has been the key to our success.” That, and Azhari’s thirst for perfection.