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Bella and LuLu pose for a portrait inside their Alpharetta abode.


It Takes Two

By Ashton Pike

Photography by Patrick Heagney


For Bella and LuLu—the purebred Pomeranians to Realtor Te’a Metro of Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International Realty—it’s all about lapping up a life of luxury.

Since I’m the oldest to my little sister, LuLu, who’s 3 years old to my 5 years old, I’ll take the reins of telling our story. I met my mom, Te’a, with a wagging tail and wide eyes, and she says I was “the outstanding little furball, with watery eyes and an energetic personality.” Then, a couple years later, mom brought home LuLu, who she says “steals everyone’s heart with her innocent face and sweet personality.” And we’ve been a dynamic—and darling—duo ever since.

Though I like to bask in the so-called diva life a bit more (I can’t go anywhere without my Louis Vuitton collar and custom-made Chanel necklace), LuLu balances my prim and proper—yet vibrant—personality by being more down-to-earth and reserved (though she snores loudly when she sleeps; don’t tell her I said that!), but that’s what makes us the best, most posh pair of pup sisters in city. We do everything together, from monthly visits to our masseuse to getting our coat cleaned and coiffed every four weeks on the dot by our groomer, who visits us personally in our Alpharetta home. And with both of us being certified therapy dogs, that means we get to travel with our humans wherever they go, except when they’re away for a long time; then our babysitter steps in and takes us on our daily trips to the neighborhood dog trail and gives us our necessary belly rubs.

Because it’s pertinent to be a Pomeranian that’s just as charitable as it is chic, LuLu and I are well-trained in the area of philanthropy: Mom has donated some of my Top Dogs Pet Boutique clothes and LuLu’s toys to organizations both locally and internationally; that way other pups can feel pampered just like us.

Since Pomeranians were Queen Victoria’s faithful companions, it’s our royal duty to uphold the upscale, opulent lifestyle of our ancestors— designer accessories and all.