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Kelly Lovett's brown butter cake at Table & Main


A Piece of Cake

By Caroline Perrott

Brown butter cake photo by Ryan Pernice


Our Women of Style Issue extends far beyond those with killer wardrobes—it also includes some of Atlanta’s top pastry chefs, who put their all into creative, delicious and beautifully decorated masterpieces. Here, four dessert connoisseurs go into detail on their favorite ways for patrons to finish up feeling good at their respective restos.

Kelly Lovett, R.O. Hospitality
“Currently, my favorite dessert is the brown butter cake (Georgia peaches, lemon buttermilk sorbet and peach gastrique) offered at Table & Main. It’s a simple dish that encompasses the South. The cake is very light; the peaches are sweet; the sherbet is super-refreshing; and the slight tang of the gastrique brings it all together.”

Lisa Ito, Umi and Himitsu
“The mille crepe has been a Japanese favorite for a long time, even though it originated in France. I love it because it fills your mouth with layers of luscious vanilla cream and carefully handbaked thin crepes. The combination is sinful. I am proud to present this dessert at Himitsu, as it pairs well with the Japanese craft cocktails we serve.”

Carla Tomasko, Bacchanalia
“I love a souffle–for me it is a blank slate waiting for my seasonal inspirations. I use various accoutrements to add some complexity, like a fruit preserve or a spicy component; adding a little heat on top of a cold and creamy ice cream; or a crunchy and salty addition like popcorn. Nothing is more satisfying than a perfectly risen souffle coming out of
the oven.”

Lasheeda Perry, Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta
“Throughout my travels, I’ve met amazing people who have introduced me to different flavor profiles. I have been using ube in several desserts recently. After testing the ube ice cream, I knew it would be the perfect addition to the menu. The flavor of the ube ice cream, alongside the tres leches, coconut sauce, macadamia crisp, mango and dark rum inspired me to make this light and fun dessert.”