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Prince of Pillows

By Ashton Pike

Portrait by Patrick Heagney


The petite pooch of Jimmy Stanton—owner of West Midtown’s Stanton Home Furnishings—and local chiropractor Dr. Patrick Greco takes a break from his glamorous life to give us the rundown on his daily adventures.

DON'T LET MY size fool you. I bear the name Champ for a reason. Although you wouldn’t guess it with me sprinting around my daddy Jimmy’s furniture store (I like to think it’s really me who owns the industrial palace of endless obstacle courses), I almost had to have my left leg amputated when my dads found me at the Atlanta Humane Society. Luckily, my chiropractor—and other daddy—Patrick saved me from having to go through surgery, and now I love bolting up and down the grand staircase in my dads’ historic weekend home in Madison. Of course, when I’m not at the dog spa in the city where I absolutely must patrol the halls to make sure the other pups are on their best behavior. It’s true that I get the best of both worlds, being both a city and countryside Chihuahua mix. On the weekends, you’ll find me snapping selfies for my Instagram (that’s @champstantongreco), lounging outside Amici’s with my friends (I’m a sucker for a good snack; popcorn is my favorite!), soaking up the warm sun by the pool or finding the fluffiest pillow in the house when it’s time for a nap. Jimmy likes to act like that’s a no-no, but he says my “permanent frowny face and one snaggletooth that sticks out adds to [my] cuteness,” so he can’t deny me a soft place to snooze. In fact, I think I’ll go see if my charm can get me a treat now.