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Robin Meade


Staying Power

By Jaime Weinstein

Portrait by Phil Penman


Robin Meade is celebrating another year at the helm of her live morning show, making waves in and out of the anchor chair.

FOR 16 YEARS, Robin Meade—the indelible host of HLN’s Morning Express With Robin Meade—has been delivering headlines to millions of television viewers across America with her signature laugh and palpable energy that fans have come to crave alongside their daily dose of caffeine. “My job is to get your brain ready for your day and send you out the door with a can-do spirit,” the Atlanta transplant says.

This month marks Meade’s anniversary at CNN; her very first day was Sept. 11, 2001. And while she doesn’t like to dwell on the tragedy that struck the same day, her debut performance certainly proved her instinctive broadcast ability, which ultimately promised an enduring career: Meade holds the title of TV’s longest-running female anchor of a national morning news show.

She’s since added The New York Times best-selling author to her list of distinctions. Morning Sunshine!: How to Radiate Confidence and Feel It Too, which hit the shelves in 2009, recounts her rise over crippling panic attacks that emerged when she was working as a news anchor in Chicago.

Oh, and she’s also a bona-fide singer-songwriter with two country music albums to her credit. (She’ll be playing a live show at Eddie’s Attic this December.) It’s another nod to her passion for journalism: “To me, the most impacting stories are the ones that are about the human experience. The ones that chronicle someone’s wins, losses, struggles, desires or mistakes­. The ones that shine a light or give a voice where there was none. The ones that make you think and help you frame an emotion we all share. When I think about it, those are also the type of songs that are attractive to write,” Meade shares.

Off-hours, you’ll find Meade boating with her husband and their three rescue dogs at Lake Lanier. “Going to the lake is my reset button. It’s my chance to blow off steam, get back to nature and feel at peace,” she explains. Ironic, Meade admits, considering one thing she hasn’t yet conquered: learning how to swim.