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Cooper’s jacket, $79, by Barbour at Orvis Buckhead


The Purebred Yellow Lab of Real Estate Mogul Dan Forsman is Living the Good Life

By Jessica Cherner

Portrait by Patrick Heagney


Pup Culture with Cooper Steele Forsman

As my name and breed suggest, I am as all-American as apple pie. Like the good Southern boy I am, my favorite pastime is galloping through the vast and open woods of North Georgia in hot pursuit of any game I can find... even if that entails hiding behind a tree, diving into a pond or even taking flight into the air. When it comes to hunting, my adoptive father, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices CEO Dan Forsman, and I are truly a force to be reckoned with, as he shoots and I retrieve. We don’t play favorites when we go hunting; we’ll go after quail, ducks, doves and more. In fact, when I was a younger pup, I participated in more gun dog and field trials than I can count—not to mention the numerous ribbons and trophies I’ve collected over the years for my talented nose and unstoppable legs. My pop refers to my boundless energy as my “big motor,” which is an accurate comparison, considering I could chase the wind for hours—maybe even days. When I’m not racing through the woods and creeks in search of my father’s kills, I love to go for rides in the electric golf cart; take long and relaxing swims; and kick back at home with my fluffy white counterpart, an American Eskimo spitz named Princess. My whole family loves its pets, but having been born on Christmas Eve, they—especially my pop—consider me a gift. I know, though, that the exciting and wonderful life they’ve given me has kept my tail wagging from the moment they brought me home eight years ago, and that is the real gift.