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Bust a Sweat for the Dress Registration Day

When: April 6, 2014 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

3402 Piedmont Road Atlanta
Atlanta GA 30305

Tying the knot? Trim down for your trip down the aisle with ROC House Fitness Spa's 6-Week Bridal Boot Camp led by Master Trainer, Takeela Reddrick.

Participants will receive:
- Fitness Assessment
- Bridal Boot Camp T-Shirt
- Access to 3 Group Fitness Classes Per Week
- Comprehensive Diet and Nutritional Plan
- Complimentary Spa Treatments and Prizes for participants at conclusion of Boot Camp
- Weekly workshops presented by ROC House's bridal partners
- Toned Body, Reduced Inches, and Increased Energy!

Boot Camp runs from April 14th through May 26th.

For more information, call 404.500.1621

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