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Elizabeth & Will

Hollywood writers celebrate their union at Beltane Ranch in bucolic Glen Ellen.

The newlyweds danced to Marty Robbins’ “Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?”

Escort displays were filled with loose lavender blossoms and name flags

A bluegrass band added to the down-home atmosphere.

The groom’s son, Tucker, served as co-best man

Each tier of the cake was a different flavor

The Girl & the Fig, a local restaurant frequented by the couple, catered dinner.

Loosely arranged florals accentuated the natural beauty of the surrounding gardens.

Rose, olive, bee balm and thistlepod made up the groom’s boutonniere

Woven fabrics played off the outdoor setting and floral palette

Bridesmaids carried bouquets of garden roses, clematis and lavender.

The L.A. couple returned to their native Northern California to say “I do.”

The many rounds of toasts at Elizabeth Davis and Will Beall’s wedding revealed hilarious and sentimental clues about the couple’s once covert romance. Beall met Davis while working as a writer on the first season of ABC’s Castle, where she works as a writer and supervising producer.

“We thought we were doing such a good job keeping this huge secret,” Davis says of her budding on-set relationship with Beall, who signed a contract with Warner Bros. for a two-picture deal after his latest screenplay, Gangster Squad, hit theaters earlier this year. “But eventually we decided that life was too short to go on pretending this wasn’t happening.”    

On their wedding day of June 30, 2012, the vows were as poignant as the toasts: “They were Oscar-worthy. It was the perfect blend of laughter and tears and just what you would expect from a couple of brilliant writers,” says planner Rosemary Hattenbach. “Even the videographer was crying.”   

Nearly a year earlier, the Los Angeles couple had envisioned a wedding location surrounded by nature. Davis was too busy with work to view Beltane Ranch in person before committing, but in the ultimate testament of faith, she trusted her fiance to scout out the venue with Hattenbach. On the tour, Beall, who has a love of Americana music, mentioned how suited the site would be to a bluegrass band.

That bit of inspiration evolved to define the entire celebration. Foggy Gulch played the wedding march from the ranch house balcony during the ceremony, and the newlyweds had their first dance to Marty Robbins’ version of “Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?” The decor also took on a sophisticated country spin, with finishes like natural linen and loosely structured floral centerpieces playing off the site’s natural setting of oak trees, olive trees, flowers and herbs.

Although the bride took a laid-back approach to planning, she was insistent that her mother make her wedding dress. “We went to San Francisco to get Italian and Chantilly lace and silk at Britex,” she says. “It involved my mom in the wedding in a way that was really special—I knew everyone at the wedding would be telling her how beautiful her work was.”

Equally important to Davis and her groom was including his 10-year-old son, Tucker (who served as co-best man), and their many nieces and nephews in the festivities. The children got to make numerous trips to an elaborate candy bar filled with sweets chosen by the couple and Tucker. And following dinner, they lined up with the adults for old-fashioned dipped waffle cones at Silbermann’s Ice Cream Cart, the perfect treat to cap a joyful summer night in Wine Country.