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Kelly Beckett & Niall Donnelly

August 3, 2012 | Ojai Valley Inn, Ojai

The bride wore a gown she co-created with wedding dress designer Miss Tashina.

The officiant wrapped a long piece of material around the couple’s hands to symbolize the meshing and bonding of their lives together.

The resort’s Big Red Barn provided a rustic touch.

Guests penned well-wishes for the couple.

Beckett clutched a pastel bouquet that complemented her wedding gown.

The bride’s diamond earrings and rings.

The Couple
The bride quickly fell for the groom because of their shared “childlike personalities,” says Beckett. “We love to joke around and have fun. As soon as anyone meets Niall, they fall in love with him instantly.”

The Venue
“Niall found an amazing photo of a barn online,” said Beckett. “When he traced back the photo to the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa, we couldn’t have been happier… we knew it had to be there.”

The Details
Upon tying the knot, guests jingled ribbon bell bracelets handmade by the bride.

The Party
The couple brought their whimsical aesthetic to the reception, which was capped with a spur-of-the-moment highlight video from the day’s events.