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A native San Franciscan brings her groom home for a scenic celebration in the city.   

Darby Gaynor & Andrew Glickman, June 30, 2012

The couple’s creative Funfetti cake by Torino Baking

The bride’s rhinestone-clad Sergio Rossi shoes

Glickman’s groomsmen hop off a vehicle rented from Classic Cable Car

A gust of wind catches the bride’s veil.

Darby Gaynor is living proof that Santa is actually paying attention to whether or not you’ve been naughty or nice. After five and a half years of dating her college boyfriend, Andrew Glickman, Gaynor had a feeling and was very much hoping that a proposal was in the near future. However, she didn’t expect to find her late grandmother’s diamond and sapphire birthstone ring in the toe of her stocking on Christmas morning. “He’s Jewish and I’m half Jewish but we celebrate Christmas. That morning, after my whole family opened their presents, we each went to our stockings. I pulled the ring out of the very end of mine and Andrew got down on one knee in front of my family and proposed,” says the bride.

The public relations manager for Gucci America and her lawyer husband met in 2005 while studying at Northwestern. “Andrew was a year ahead of me in school and we didn’t start dating until the summer after he graduated.” Gaynor describes how Glickman stuck around the area until she was finished with school, when the two of them packed up a U-Haul and moved to New York together.

The bride, a San Francisco native, and her groom, who was born in New York and grew up in Florida, spent a year and a half planning their dream wedding from afar. It should come as no surprise that the chic bride found the inspiration for her neutral and metallic color palette in the pages of Vogue. One of her favorite pre-wedding moments was taking her bridesmaids to Saks Fifth Avenue and letting them pick out their own dresses, based on the shimmering look she envisioned.

Gaynor knew she wanted her ties to the Northern California region to play a role in their nuptials, so the couple settled on marrying at the Asian Art Museum, an architectural masterpiece that Gaynor likens to “the feel of New York, but on a San Francisco scale.” The former public library space, renovated 10 years ago by architect Gae Aulenti, didn’t need much more added décor, and that’s partly what drew the couple to it. When it came to selecting floral arrangements, table settings and the menu, Gaynor, a self-described perfectionist, admits to being picky and indecisive. That’s where Andrew excelled. “He did the entire menu himself; he’s a huge foodie,” she tells us of their Italian-inspired dinner, which included a kale Caesar salad and rosemary rack of lamb. As for dessert, tradition got a tweak with the tiered red velvet and Funfetti cake. Gaynor and Glickman also indulged their collective sweet tooth by shipping cookies from their favorite NYC bakery, Levain, as favors for guests.

Following the reception, the couple hosted an after-party where guests hit the dance floor and enjoyed late-night snacks of sliders and grilled cheese sandwiches until nearly 2am.