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Vivian Wang and Ingrid Chen at Oxford Hall, Berkeley. 

Tresor pearl earrings.

Partners in Shine

Jewelry designers Vivian Wang and Ingrid Chen, the adorable duo behind the Berkeley-based jewelry line Viv & Ingrid, chat with us about their just-launched bridal collection, Tresor, and by-appointment services.

How does your design philosophy apply to weddings?
Wang: Your wedding day is like your ultimate day. We wanted to create pieces that are timeless, classic and beautiful, with the kind of vintage feel that brides will treasure as heirloom pieces.

The collection’s name means “treasure” in French. What does the word evoke for you?
Chen: It’s the idea of opening up a little treasure chest and finding old jewels inside. Wang: It’s a collection with a history.

Why did you select silver, pearl and crystal for the jewelry?
Chen: Imagine a black-and-white photo, with shades of gray and beautiful contrast. But there is also a practical element, as brides can invest in something that is valuable but still affordable.

But you also had a modern bride in mind when designing them.
Chen: More and more brides are planning destination weddings, so they need something that translates perfectly when they’re dressed in jeans and a T-shirt the next day.

Viv & Ingrid at Oxford Hall, 2142 Oxford St., Berkeley, 510.524.0662,