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Precious Metals

Forget Fifty Shades of Grey. This season, cakes are all about showcasing a multitude of shimmering metallics. From sleek silver to beautifully tarnished copper to warm, rosy gold, the color combinations—and style possibilities—are deliciously endless.

Known for creating exquisite works of edible art, San Francisco-based cake designer Jasmine de Lung of Jasmine Rae Bakery is constantly inspired by her surroundings. “I can see a stunning image of a floral bouquet or a well-composed pile of hand-dyed silk, and a whole cake will create itself in my mind’s eye,” she says. For the three-tier wedding cake seen at left ($17 per person), she wanted to represent the beauty of tarnished silver. “I looked at a lot of antique silver serveware for inspiration and noticed how the tarnish tinted the metal with different colors,” says de Lung, who gave the fondant creation an underpainting with umbers, dusty purples and greens before applying five different metallic colors for the final variegated finish. The four-layer buttercream supporting cake ($10 per person) was designed with just a touch of metallic detailing, as seen in the elegant floral botanical element, while the parchment-wrapped mini cakes at right ($8 per piece) weave the theme through in a subtler fashion. “Metallics can fit into many different styles, from steampunk to vintage to Hollywood glamour to contemporary pop,” says de Lung. “These cakes are romantic in style, but their finishes challenge that typical softness.” 1890 Bryant St., Ste. 309, San Francisco, 415.621.2464

“With the trending of metals in weddings, we are thrilled to see more open-minded clients who enjoy the addition of copper and bronze to the classics,” says Elaine Ardizzone, co-owner of Sweet Cheeks Baking Co. in San Diego. For this modern four-tier cake ($10.50 per person), Ardizzone wrapped a thin layer of fondant over silky-smooth Italian buttercream, then airbrushed it with edible, nontoxic metallic dusts before adding a giant gum-paste sugar magnolia. “Many couples say they want a simple cake, but also want something cool and unique instead of following every single photo they see on Pinterest,” says Ardizzone, who enjoys creating designs that allow her to express clients’ personalities. “This is the perfect mix of those concepts, but without much fuss.” 4564 Alvarado Canyon Road, San Diego, 619.285.1220

“Metallics really are the new white when it comes to weddings in L.A. We’ve used them at every event we have done in the last year,” says Leslie Maynor-Anderson of Fantasy Frostings, an L.A. institution that has whipped up gorgeous desserts for Hollywood elite (J. Lo, Barbra Streisand, Kate Walsh) since 1971. Maynor-Anderson created a decadent suite incorporating the mixed metallic trend, including a four-tier stacked wedding cake with ombre flowers cascading down from the top ($15 per person). “We wanted a romantic feel, keeping with a traditional style using copper, gold and silver,” says Maynor-Anderson, who enrobed the cake in fondant and then applied stephanotis sugar flowers. “This cake is for the sophisticated couple that wants tradition with a touch of whimsy,” she says. Cake pops and and salted caramel budino shots play a sparkling supporting role (click to the next slide to see). 301 Pasadena Ave., S. Pasadena, 626.799.2900

Cake pops textured with metallic sugar ($4 each). Fantasty Frostings, 301 Pasadena Ave., S. Pasadena, 626.799.2900

Salted caramel budino shots with a gold leaf garnish ($5 each). Fantasty Frostings, 301 Pasadena Ave., S. Pasadena, 626.799.2900