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It was a dark and stormy day when Cara and Scott Nava, the husband-and-wife team behind Chicago’s Carasco Photography, set up their cameras in a field on Canterbury Farms in Hampshire, Ill. Capturing shots to promote their annual Brides, Bubbles and Bliss event, the wedding photogs had it in their heads to do a dramatic shoot—with a horse, no less. “Ominous skies are never good on a wedding day, but the gathering clouds brought a dreamlike quality to our shoot,” says Cara. A gust of wind and the moment was gone, but not before Scott snapped this striking photo of an amber-haired model, swept up in a gale, leading a Dapple Grey through the tall grass. “It doesn’t matter where she’s going or why there’s a bride in a field with a horse,” adds Cara. “That’s the beauty of an editorial-style shoot like this—no boundaries.”

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