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The “golden hour,” or “magic hour” as some photogs call it, is that heavenly time of day when the light is just that: magical, glowing, blanketing its subjects in warm tones. So as the sun began to set on Marc Zemel and Julia Lachman’s August wedding at Architectural Artifacts, photographer Tammy Leathem of Leathem Photography ( seized a few fleeting moments for an untraditional shoot on and beside this broken-down, paint-chipped carousel from the 1950s. “Sun-cast lighting takes an ordinary photo and adds mystery and romance,” says Leathem. “It’s hard to capture. We got lucky.” Behind the warehouse-turned-wedding venue, amongst myriad cast-aside treasures, Leathem had the happy couple pose on the back of the truck and saddled on the horses, but in the end it was this photo, with a prismatic sunburst illuminating their embrace, that was the shot of the big day.