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Rising star caterer Truffleberry Market is wowing at weddings with a fresh approach to party fare.

Truffleberry Market’s Vaidotas Karsokas and Brittany Ferrin

Truffleberry Market might just be the Alinea of caterers. Whether it’s creating savory macarons made from beets and goat cheese or serving cake pops that look like ice cream cones, chefs/owners Brittany Ferrin and Vaidotas Karsokas are redefining the boundaries of catering just like Grant Achatz and his crew are redefining restaurants.

Ferrin and Karsokas launched their Westmont-based biz back in 2008, but it was a recent gig catering the opening of BHLDN’s Gold Coast store that really got them noticed. “Our specialty is that we don’t have one,” says Ferrin, who always encourages customization when it comes to wedding menus. Perk No. 2? Instead of cooking in an off-site kitchen and then stuffing their food into hot boxes to molder for hours, the veterans of restaurant kitchens like A Mano and Bin 36 prefer to cook as much as possible on-site, recreating pop-up restaurants at every event where accommodations permit.

Although Truffleberry employs modern techniques, they cook totally from scratch, including their pastas. “If you want mostaccioli, we’re happy to oblige, but it’ll have slow-braised short ribs,” says Ferrin, who’s never afraid to put a fresh twist on an old favorite. And Truffleberry’s presentations, whether it’s fashioning a truffle mushroom purée puff pastry into the shape of a child’s pinwheel toy or placing basil-pesto-sauced tortellini inside a live flower, are whimsical and original.

Ferrin and Karsokas’ success is derived not from some natural genius, but rather from discipline—“At 2am we’re up talking about new ideas for a client,” shares Ferrin—and their commitment to good, old-fashioned hospitality. (Ferrin’s friends call her the “host whisperer” for her innate ability to understand what a client needs.)

Certainly those about to get married will feel at ease under the pair’s culinary guidance, as Ferrin and Karsokas know a thing about love. Now husband and wife, they met on the line at A Mano, where Karsokas slyly asked Ferrin out by seeing if she wanted to do some “work research” over dinner at Art Smith’s Table 52. When asked if love plays a role in their catering, Ferrin is quick to reply: “I’d say catering plays more of a role in our love. We’re constantly creating, inventing and enjoying food together.”

Truffleberry Market, 825 N. Cass Ave., Ste. 303, Westmont, 630.201.2669