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The first clue that Katherine Fryday and Mat Biscan aren’t your “traditional wedding” couple? The fact that they decided to get married at The Hideout, Chicago’s hidden watering hole in the heart of the industrial corridor, where hipsters converge to listen to indie rock and alt-country—and, of course, imbibe.

The second clue? Their The Owl and the Fox poem-inspired photo shoot in Millennium Park. “Traditionally untraditional wedding photography is our first love,” says photographer Nicole Radja of Bucktown-based Studio Starling (studiostarling.‌com). “Millennium Park is a popular location for couples, but Kat and Mat wanted to do something different,” adds Radja, who, with her biz partner Lizz Sisson, led the pair off the path and into the brush to capture this playful photo. “For a moment, they became the owl and the fox alone in this beautiful meadow. It was a thrill to photograph.”