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Burning Question

“Entertainment! A great band can really set a wonderful tone for the reception. A wedding is a celebration, and there’s no better way to celebrate than to dance!”

–EB Combs, married April 7 in Fort Worth

“We are splurging on the actual destination and accommodations in Australia for our honeymoon. It’s the one time you can go somewhere totally ridiculously far away and amazing. And you don’t feel bad about it because it’s your first vacation as husband and wife!”

–Chelsea Garrett, Married May 26 in Dallas

“Without a doubt, photography and videography for your ceremony and reception. Photos and video footage are what will last forever—all the moments, seen and unseen, from the most important day of your life! You want to feel confident that you’ve hired the best professionals to capture every memory.”

–Ashley Ammerman, wedding on June 9 in Wylie, Nevada

“The single most important thing you should splurge on for your wedding reception would be the décor—the flowers, centerpieces, pictures and the overall ambiance of your venue. It’s what sets the tone for the whole evening and brings out the personality of the couple.”

–Lilly Pitcher, wedding on July 14 in Dallas

What is the single most important thing you should splurge on for your wedding, reception or honeymoon?