Bridal Sign Up

Crowning Glory

Ethereal floral bridal crowns are the new day-of headpiece.

White phalaenopsis orchid headpiece by Lauren Lightfoot for Grange Hall, price upon request


Today’s Texas brides are taking advantage of familial ranches and lush vineyards to wed in nature. And while a lacy veil with a 12-foot train is stunning in a cathedral, the latest trend also steals from the surroundings: celestial, fairy-like wreaths are now the crown of choice.

In typical fashion, when we asked Rajan Patel and Lauren Lightfoot of Grange Hall (4445 Travis St., 214.443.0600, for their take on the trend, they created two very different anti-veils: one, with a modern spin on the always-classic phalaenopsis orchid with interwoven antique wood fragments; the other, an intricate piece made with gum-paste flowers and a draping of chiffon, nodding to Maid Marian’s folkloric beauty.

Whichever your style, there’s something undeniably youthful in saying “I Do” while wearing a petal-festooned diadem.