Bridal Sign Up

Intimate seating at a brunch reception at The Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek.


Grilled salmon with spring pea purée, crispy shallots and smoked bacon.


Tuna and red beet mosaic. 

Miniature chicken and waffle sandwiches. 

This Day Forward

Brides get an early start on bliss with brunch weddings at Rosewood Mansion.  

Brunch weddings may sound like the antithesis of a dreamy evening wedding, but more brides of all budgets are opting for daytime nuptials. “You can really get playful with the food and the cocktails,” says Emily Hess, wedding planner for the Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek, where she’s arranging more morning weddings with brunch receptions this season. “You have the rest of the afternoon to relax and be with family—or leave for the honeymoon.” And if your heart is set on traditional Saturday night nuptials, brunch is a great morning-after send-off for the wedding party.

“The brunch weddings we do are more reception-style,” Hess says, not like an ’80s buffet with chafers in a row. “You can get creative with display,” she says, as well as with the menu. “We’re doing miniature cinnamon rolls, but they’re on sticks.” Chicken and waffles become tiny chicken and waffle sandwiches. Espresso mousse shots are another popular item. “A fried mini-doughnut sits on top,” she says. “You can dunk it or eat them separately.” Some items, such as the chicken and waffle sandwiches, are passed. Cinnamon rolls and other delicacies become part of intricate displays. Chefs assemble still others, like the build-your-own breakfast tacos.” And if you have your own ideas, you can always draw up a customized menu with Executive Chef Bruno Davaillon. “The local brides often sit down with him,” Hess says.

Cocktails also reflect an inherent brunchiness with a Southern accent. “We do a lot of mint juleps. That’s always popular and very Southern,” Hess says. “We do all sorts of flavored mimosas,” including a build-your-own mimosa bar. It works for Bloody Marys, too. Arnold Palmers—lemonade and tea—are another Southern fave. “Sometimes we add a little sweet-tea vodka.”

For a brunch wedding, you may also want to rethink entertainment. “A few brides bring in a band or DJ, but people doing brunch don’t quite have their dancing shoes on like they do in the evening,” Hess says. “We’ve done croquet on the lawn,” when the weather permits, or set up mini-chess sets at the end of tables. Without compromising sophistication, brunch weddings give the modern bride an opportunity for outside-the-box fun.  

Here’s a sample menu for a reception brunch at The Mansion Restaurant.

A Day to Remember

Passed items
Miniature pancakes
Miniature chicken-and-waffle sandwiches
Bacon, egg and toast cups
Espresso mousse shots with fried mini-doughnut toppers

Nutella French toast with orange mascarpone
Yogurt, granola and berry parfait
Spinach salad with goat cheese, strawberries, toasted almonds and bacon vinaigrette
Smoked salmon and miniature bagels
Miniature cinnamon rolls on a stick

Chef stations
Shrimp and grits
brisket tacos (with eggs, avocado, cheese and housemade salsa)