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An orange motif grew out of a vintage cameo.

Antique silk millinery flowers create wearable works of art.

A purple-themed suite included calla lilies with black crystal stamens and purple “berries” fashioned from knotted satin ribbon.

Something Old, Something Hued

Vintage-inspired weddings are all the rage this season, with flowers leading the way.

On a day when sentiment reigns, the creative pros at Todd Events are giving center stage to heirloom objects such as Victorian hatpins, vintage brooches and cameos. Bouquets and centerpieces play off the hues and moods set by these cherished pieces, and beautifully arranged inspiration boards help pull the look together. “You can start with one found object,” says owner Todd Fiscus. “We did a whole orange story around a vintage cameo, then we found the jeweled crown brooch and the tiny silk millinery flowers from the ’20s.”

Three-dimensional collages like these not only help tell your color story and weave a theme throughout your wedding, they also ignite new ideas for using floral. “Boutonnieres and corsages should feel like an elegant, small piece of jewelry, as opposed to a giant orchid on your chest,” says Fiscus, whose talented designers create wearable works of art with flowers. For a purple story board, a black calla lily’s center stamen was removed and replaced with glamorous black crystals. “Give a single stem to each member of your house party to carry instead of a corsage,” recommends Fiscus. Tiny purple berries were created by knotting vintage French satin ribbon; they can be sewn onto men’s boutonnieres for an artisan feel.

At Todd Events, couples are often presented with a storyboard full of ideas based on their choice of colors. “If you love purple and silver, we won’t just show you purple flowers and tables with silver accents,” says Fiscus. “We love textured rooms with multiple notes, so we use your colors as moments here and there to anchor a room.” For a bride who loves orange, Fiscus used teddy bear cymbidiums tied with vintage hat ribbon in citron green velvet. “We love orange balanced with a latte gold color,” he says. He suggests adding a cappuccino cake adorned with fresh orange roses, white chocolate acorns and maybe some faux bois embellishments for a chic fall wedding that’s “much more sophisticated than pumpkins and leaves.”