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It’s the Music, Cupid

DJ Cesar Gil brings artistic mixes to weddings for couples who want a little something extra.

Cesar Gil takes his cue from DJing in clubs, and brings artistic flair.

The common denominator of all great weddings, according to Cesar Gil, professional DJ and founder of Unique Style Productions (, lies in one very significant and intangible factor. A wedding’s splash comes of course from elements such as the beauty of the flowers or venue, the perfectly prepared reception dinner and the elaborate cakes. But what also sets an unforgettable wedding apart is the party itself. The Sinatra-loving, club DJ firmly believes the celebration should be a reflection of who you are just as much as every other personalized aspect of your big day.

Gil was born in Colombia and moved to Houston in 1998 when he was 14 years old. Though he learned the drums at an early age, Gil claims he truly began listening to music more frequently and enthusiastically when his MP3 player became a means of mental escape while serving in Iraq as a Marine. Gil even pursued a technical knowledge of the arts while attending Studio West Audio Engineering School in San Diego and then completing his associates in the same field at HCC after his release from the military in 2008.

While performing primarily as a club DJ, Gil became aware of an opportunity in another market. “I noticed the DJs in the wedding industry were not the same as the DJs in the club scene. They were great MCs, but lacked the talent and expertise to artistically mix music.” To Gil it seemed as though each wedding had the same soundtrack on repeat. “People are programmed to think wedding DJs play the ‘Chicken Dance,’ ‘YMCA’ and ‘Hokey Pokey,’” says Gil, “I wanted to bring the club feel to the wedding celebration.”

Gil’s apparent attention to detail and affinity for learning new genres allow him to create a party unique to each couple. “We encourage the client to play the music they actually listen to on a daily basis,” explains Gil. Unique Style insists on meeting clients at least once before the event to discuss everything from family background, favorite artists, songs and radio stations. “I will even look through their iPods to begin to connect the dots,” says Gil, who views his team of DJs as a “Human Pandora” of sorts.

“The most important part of a party is the party,” says Gil. “It’s the fun. That’s what the people are going to remember.”

I Do
Meet with your DJ before the event. Be adamant in requesting the kind of music you listen to, no matter how unconventional.

I Don’t
Only trying to please the guests (make sure the party is about you and a reflection of you). Anything less may seem forced.