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Pitch Perfect

Whether she’s keeping wedding guests on the dance floor or co-authoring a book, Becky Wassel Cagen is all about making dreams come true.

Songbird Becky Wassel Cagen has performed at over 6,000 events with the Don Cagen Orchestra.

Becky Wassel Cagen, co-bandleader and lead singer of the Don Cagen Orchestra, knew she would spend her life helping people; however, her current role, delivering the perfect music and ambience for happy couples’ big days, wasn’t exactly what she first had in mind.

“Originally, I wanted to be a psychiatrist because I have always known it is my destiny to help people,” says Wassel Cagen, who also recently collaborated with Chicken Soup for the Soul series creator Jack Canfield on a best-selling and inspirational book, The Soul of Success, Volume 2 ($20, CelebrityPress). “While I was a pre-med student at Tulane University in New Orleans, I realized that I had to return to having music in my life on a daily basis. So it was not long before I realized that performing for weddings and other events was the perfect blend of making music while helping people live their dreams.”

While still in college, Wassel Cagen started a band with her husband, Don Cagen, and it is safe to say that the inspiration that struck back then has paid off. The ensemble’s four dance bands and specialty ensembles performed at over 250 weddings last year, and Wassel Cagen has personally performed and produced over 6,000 events, including President Obama’s inaugural ball in Washington, D.C.

Wassel Cagen loves flexing her vocal chords, singing everything from Beyoncé and Taylor Swift to Etta James, but her first joy remains helping couples realize their wedding-day vision. “What I love the most about my job is all the wonderful relationships I have formed through my wedding families,” she says. “I feel honored to share in the happiest day of their lives and make their dreams a reality.”

Hiring an experienced bandleader or DJ—one who has performed at hundreds of weddings; giving your bandleader a list of your favorite songs; dancing early and often—the earlier you start the dancing, the more fun your wedding will be!

Buying a dress you can’t dance in; giving a predetermined set list—let your DJ or bandleader use their experience to read the crowd.