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A professional photographer’s job takes talent, luck and imagination. This shot, capturing Kali Elias and Gal Bensaadon at their February wedding in Miami’s Design District, reflects all three... literally.

“It wasn’t the perfect symmetrical shot,” Tony Gajate of Tony Gajate Photography ( admits, “but my computer helped make it so.” The couple was married in one of the city’s more eclectic venues, the Moore Building, and Gajate knew he’d be able to capture interesting angles from any of the historic structure’s four floors. “I planned to take some aerial shots, but this was a happy accident,” he recalls. “I like for things to develop at a natural pace. Everything I do is pretty organic.” At her first meeting with Gajate, the bride remembers, “I told Tony I did not want to see a photographer or pose-y pictures. Looking back, I didn’t even know he was there taking them. Like a ninja!”