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A New Age for Nüage

Pablo Oliveira, founder and CEO of Nuage Designs, marks a milestone with a new warehouse and two new linen lines.

Next up for linen guru Pablo Oliviera: a partnership with celebrity planner Preston Bailey.

Savvy couples know that the right linens can take any event from mundane to chic in an instant. And more often than not, they turn to a Miami-based company that's always ahead of the curve. "I like to think of our linens as storytellers," says Pablo Oliveira, founder and CEO of Nuage Designs. "A linen can be romantic, modern, over-the-top."

Over the past 10 years, his company has earned a reputation as the foremost supplier of luxury linens. "Nothing is impossible," he says, referring to the requests he's received. One of his brides, a Middle Eastern princess, spent approximately $150,000 to have the Nuage team create custom chair covers in a fabric that previously didn't exist. "Never be afraid of big, bold patterns, mixing colors; really thinking out of the box," he advises. "I personally like variety that works together. Make it interesting with a mix of colors, styles, shapes and sizes."

His company is full steam ahead nowadays, having recently moved into a 30,000-square-foot warehouse—with its first storefront—in Miami's Little River District. Along with the move, Nuage is introducing two exciting concepts. First up is a line of products designed for exclusive hotels and country clubs, in a sumptuous array of creams and ivories highlighted by delicate patterns and threads. Even bigger is his partnership with Preston Bailey, resulting in the first linen line branded by a celebrity wedding planner. "We've worked on many events together, close to almost the entirety of the existence of my company," Oliveira says. "The events that Preston does are multimillion-dollar events. These linens are for a bride who doesn't necessarily have that budget, but wants to be able to have the Preston Bailey touch."

Time hasn't frayed Oliveira's enthusiasm for the business. "It's really rewarding to meet up with people I worked with years prior, and they still talk about what we created for them," he says. "You may think, oh, a linen. But it's really a product that makes an experience memorable. Birthdays, weddings—this is what we live for, these moments in our lives. I'm in the business of making dreams come true."

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Patterns, textures, colors and mixed metals, unexpected details, loungy dance areas, live entertainment

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Polyester and sashes, spandex, undressed Chiavari chairs, human strolling tables