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Weddings often prove to be just as exciting as a season opener, even for 7-year-old boys. When photographer Martha Ramirez at Unique Design Studios captured this moment with groom Zeus Hernandez and his son, prepping for daddy’s big moment in January, she remembers being taken by the pair. “The groom is an energetic, passionate person,” she recalls, and adds, “His son is a loving little boy with an old soul.” Elaine Spottswood and Zeus Hernandez tied the knot at The Basilica of Saint Mary Star of the Sea in Key West, Fla., at the behest of the bride’s father, who owns a hotel in our country’s southernmost point. “It was a bonding moment between my son and I,” Hernandez recalls. “We were talking about Elaine becoming his actual stepmom and a Hernandez. He was already asking for a little brother!”