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Todd Stashwick

Chicago-area native Todd Stashwick stars as Deacon in Syfy’s “12 Monkeys".


Acting Out

By Leah Pentecost

Photo by Storm Santos


Actor and writer Todd Stashwick may reside in California, but he will always consider The Windy City his home. The Chicago-area native recently chatted with CS about his favorite city spots, his role as Deacon on Syfy’s “12 Monkeys” and his next big career moves.

As someone who grew up near and in the city, what do you love most about Chicago?

I love how it’s what you’d call a big-little town, it’s the best of both worlds; there’s the joy of living in a metropolitan area combined with Midwestern sensibility. The people are kind and there’s such a connectedness. It is my home and it’s where I feel comfortable.

Are there any places in Chicago that you would consider hidden gems?

A hidden gem would be the Green Mill. It’s a great place where you can sit, enjoy a nice cocktail and listen to jazz music. I don’t know if these are really considered hidden gems, but The Chicago Diner and Chicago Comics are cool because they’re still there from when I was younger. The Chicago Comics on Clark Street was always my comic book store growing up.

What would you recommend as a must-do for someone visiting Chicago?

You definitely should hunt out theater tickets. There’s always small theaters doing amazing shows. I did theater improv for Moving Scenes, and Chicago’s a great city to live in and also get good at your craft

How did you first find your interest in theater?

As a kid, I grew up with Star Wars and Ghostbusters, and I always had imagination around me. My interest in theater started in junior high when I would go to watch my sister and her friends at their plays. I was always the class clown, and finding a career that pays me to be a knucklehead was perfect for me.

How has Chicago influenced your acting career?

After graduating from college I was asked to join The Second City. Performing with comedians who are still renowned today really shaped my 20s. The early ‘90s improv scene allowed me to have my own theater company and that taught me a lot about being a businessman while also an actor.

What has been your favorite role so far in your acting career?

It’s funny that you ask that because my wife and I were just discussing how all my favorite roles start with the letter ‘D’. I loved playing Dale in The Riches, Dracula in Supernatural and Deacon in 12 Monkeys. I play the devil in the comic I write and it was recently announced that I’ve been cast as Dr. Drakken for Disney Channel’s live-action Kim Possible movie. It’s hard for me to pick a favorite role, but I love all the D’s.

12 Monkeys is about to air its final season. What can fans expect?

I’m really excited for this final season. I think fans are going to be surprised and satisfied. The talented writers and Terry Matalas knew they were going to do season four and then it would be the end. Fans will lose their minds, because we’re giving them a roller coaster and pulling at their emotions.

Tune in June 15 for the premiere of the fourth and final season of 12 Monkeys.