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Marisol Nichols RIVERDALE


Class Act

By Sarah Ryan

Photography by Benjo Arwas


Chicago native Marisol Nichols dives headfirst into a complex new role on The CW’s hit series Riverdale.

MARISOL NICHOLS KNEW Riverdale, the dark new twist on the Archie comics, was special, especially since the juicy roles extend beyond the high school’s walls. “I didn’t think I was at that point in my career where it’s ‘Here’s your lunch, honey. Have a good day,’” says Nichols of her role as Veronica Lodge’s mother, Hermione. “I was excited they gave me so much to do.”

She will have even more to sink her teeth into when the show introduces her on-screen husband (played by Mark Consuelos), who is harboring criminal secrets. “Hiram is a dangerous character, and Hermione knows how to deal with him,” says Nichols. “You see why she’s drawn to him, but at the same time, she’s scared out of her mind,” she says. “I love that she’s complicated. I’m never bored.”

That said, Nichols—who had her big-screen break in Vegas Vacation before landing prime roles on shows like 24 and GCB—is a bit more low-maintenance than her character. “Look, I’m from Chicago,” she says. “You get what you see when you’re with me.” She notes that the city inspired her work ethic, which she also applies to running her nonprofit, Foundation for a Slavery Free World, which fights human trafficking. “Fame didn’t come to me overnight. That kept it about the work. You show up on time; you know your lines; you do your job,” she says, noting that she got her start at theaters like the Royal George and the Bailiwick. “Theater is probably the most hardcore training there is, and I loved getting that in Chicago. You’ve got to be good.”

Hair by Gui Schoedler; makeup by Elan Bongiorno; wardrobe styling by Sara Acevedo