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Women of Style 2018

By Ariel Cheung, Laura Hine and Jaclyn Jermyn

Portraits by Kevin Penczak | Styling by Kelsey Oenick | Shot on location at St. Jane Hotel


These five Chicago mavens are ready to take on the world—and they look endlessly chic while doing it.

The queen of luxury chocolate travels the world for Vosges Haut-Chocolat, searching for the finest ingredients—and iconic fashion finds.
My fashion philosophy is... all about a connection to your soul and who you really are. I stay true to my personal vibe, which is very bohemian and free-spirited. I collect a lot when I travel, and I love learning about indigenous people and getting inspiration from the places I go.
What are your essential fashion accessories? I wear a ton of rings and long earrings, lots of feather jewelry, and lace. I have some crystal gemstones that I like from an energy perspective—malachite and amethyst and rose quartz.
My ultimate fashion splurge is... something really well made that I know will be timeless; things I’ll wear for my whole life that make me feel that sort of ancient vibe. I found the most amazing piano shawl, and it was expensive because the embroidery was off the charts.