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Women of Style 2018

By Ariel Cheung, Laura Hine and Jaclyn Jermyn

Portraits by Kevin Penczak | Styling by Kelsey Oenick | Shot on location at St. Jane Hotel


These five Chicago mavens are ready to take on the world—and they look endlessly chic while doing it.

The prolific painter plays with feminine colors and big, bold patterns in her work and her wardrobe.
When I’m creating, I tend to wear... the color palettes that I am thinking about. The things I wear to the studio are things I don’t mind getting paint on, but if I’m thinking about making a painting that is, say, pink and orange, I might wear a pink shirt on top of an orange long-sleeved shirt. I’m deep in that land of color combinations.
Something extra special in my closet is... a sequined Dries Van Noten coat. It’s a work of art. I wear it all the time, and every time, people will say, ‘Oh, there’s Judy in that coat again.’ I don’t care because it is an object that feels extraordinary.
In Chicago, I shop at... Juju’s Vintage. I am a little bit afraid to say it out loud because it’s so amazing, everyone might go and pick them clean. But it’s a taxonomy of accessories. If you wanted a rhinestone flower brooch but it needed to be pink, there’s probably a drawer for that.