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Bolognese inspired by the real dish in Bologna, Italy, at Disotto


4 Craveable Dishes

By Laura Hine

Photos by Neil Burger


The feast is on! From dazzling debuts to dishes we crave, the North Shore's dining scene is tastier than ever.

House 406
If you love salmon, pan-seared wild-caught salmon is the dish you’ll crave at House 406. It starts with impeccably fresh fish, then Executive Chef Eloin Amador adds crunchy pickled-cabbage salad on top (which gives this dish enough acid to balance the rich salmon), quinoa with summer vegetables underneath and a roasted red pepper coulis, to elevate what could've been just a healthy option to something you would happily drive to Northbrook to get your fix for. 1143 Church St., Northbrook

This Highwood restaurant is part of Francesca's Restaurant Group, so when the team puts Bolognese on the menu, you know it’s going to be special. According to Executive Chef Peter DeRuvo, “I learned the recipe when I lived near Bologna, Italy, from a guy named Salvatore who taught me his old family recipe. We use San Marzano tomatoes from Calabria and a combination of Berkshire pork, veal and beef, and slow-cook the sauce for four hours.” Any questions as to why it’s on our craveable list? 310 Green Bay Road, Highwood

Fred’s Garage
The rolling bay doors are open to welcome the warm weather, so what else are you going to order but the fried chicken and biscuits? With chorizo gravy and a honey drizzle, it’s an homage to an updated Southern classic. The most impressive trick­—and the mark of a great fried chicken—is that the skin is crisp but the meat is still juicy. We hear rumor that a two-day buttermilk marinade and a dusting of potato and corn starches get the credit for that magical combo. 574 Green Bay Road, Winnetka

The menu changes frequently and seasonally at Valor, but I’m not sure Executive Chef Stefan Markov will ever be able to take the steak frites off the menu without causing a serious uproar. Serving the steak over the crispy potato batons (instead of the more usual side presentation) is genius because the meat drippings along with the sauce au poivre, which is enriched with cognac and cream, do wonders for the just-salty-enough frites. 667 Vernon Ave., Glencoe 

Fried chicken at Fred's Garage is a must-order.