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Best of the North Shore

By The Editors

Portrait Photography By Frank Ishman, Katrina Wittkamp and Rose Yuen


Here, we bring you the North Shore’s cultural warriors, forward thinkers and inspirational designers who continue to enrich our communities with new ventures and ideas.

Wilmette’s Amy Kartheiser may have just started her eponymous interior design company in 2014, but she comes with a lifetime of experience. “My mom was a designer, but after college, I went to work in the corporate world,” she says. When she asked her mom to help her decorate her first condo, she had an epiphany. “I realized I was in the wrong business. I just loved the design process.” She quit her job and, for the next 10 years, worked with her mother. She went on hiatus as the busy mom of two youngsters, but once the youngest started kindergarten, she went back to work with a very personal project: gutting and completely renovating the family’s Lincoln Park home. “I had a dream team on that project,” she says. “And it was a great way to get back into the design world.” A leading design magazine published the project, which launched her solo career. The family’s next move was to Wilmette, where, once again, rehabbing an older home led to both work and accolades. Modern Luxury Interiors Chicago recently named Kartheiser Best Contemporary Designer, and she won a coveted room at the 2017 Lake Forest Showhouse & Gardens. She also has in-progress projects all over the North Shore and in the city: “I do have a style, and I think that’s why people hire me, but I like to get a feel for how my clients like to live,” she says. And her mom, now retired, still loves to see Kartheiser’s progress. “She’s very proud that I followed in her footsteps.” -Laura Hine