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Women of Style 2018

By Julie Chernoff and Laura Hine

Portraits by Katrina Wittkamp | Styling by Annie Peck with Annie Frances Style Consulting


Five of the North Shore’s chicest women share their style inspirations.

CEO and founder of Salesboxer, a customized content firm that helps small companies, this glamorous businesswoman is co-chair of the Chicago Botanic Garden Harvest Party Sept. 14.
My power piece is... a cream-colored suit jacket that I love. I wear it with jeans or a skirt. This jacket makes me feel like I’m ready for anything.
The best style advice I ever received was... Keep it simple; keep it classy and toned down.
My fashion philosophy is... I’m almost 6 feet tall, so if I go out in anything too big or too loud, I can look like Big Bird. I focus on the necklace or the bracelet or the earrings, and I don’t overdo it. Especially with heels on, it can be way too much without even intending it to be.
My favorite designers are... Roksanda, especially the dresses. I also love Chanel, Dior, Adam Lippes and Nili Lotan.
I never leave the house without... Oh Baby MAC lipglass. I love it and always wear it; I’ve worn it for 12 years at least.

This Wilmette fashionista is also co-chairing the Harvest Party, but her day job is running Abby Dunn PR and Consulting, which she does with considerable flair.
I feel fabulous when I wear... a well-fitting short dress. As you come into yourself, you know what looks good on you. For me, it’s tailored and short with a fun pair of shoes.
I learned about style when... I worked in New York with powerful women like Polly Mellen and Linda Wells. I saw women using fashion to make them feel in control, strong and confident. They looked like they were going to crush.
The most cherished piece in my closet has to be... a gold bangle from my mom that she, my sisters and sisters-in-law all have. It reminds me that people are behind me.
To me, fashion is... more about style than it is about tangible things. It’s about evolutions of cultural movements and expressions of yourself and your spirit, more than just buying things.