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Holly’s Hunt

For world-renowned fashion designer Ralph Rucci, the world of furniture design was a mysterious, untapped abyss. That is, until Holly hunted him down. Philly native Rucci spent two years working to produce an exclusive selection of sleek, timeless pieces in conjunction with local interior designer extraordinaire Holly Hunt and her team. The elegant line of tables, seating and screens debuted this spring to much fanfare. Interiors Chicago was honored to have the chance to chat with the esteemed American couturier and his collaborator to talk process.

Ralph Rucci

How did the partnership come about?
RR: Holly called me two years ago and said she wanted to do furniture with me. This opened the door to something quite wonderful.

Holly, what was it about Mr. Rucci?
HH: Ralph is very tailored, with a very beautiful mix of ethnicity and modernism. And he can do masculine and feminine at the same time. The
way Ralph designs works well for fashion and furniture; it’s about proportion, it’s about shape, it’s about all those things. And it’s about being comfortable.

How did you feel about designing your first furniture line?
RR: My first reaction was paranoia: ‘My god, what am I going to do? I don’t know how to design furniture!’ But then you turn that nozzle off and think, ‘No, it’s not about other people, it’s about what you want,’ then you make it with that integrity. Then people will enjoy it.

How would you describe the collection?
RR: There are iconic references... Fusing Orientalism with modern, clean designs.
HH: This is a new feel; a new look. The line is historically referential, but there’s a lyrical quality... It’s more ‘artistic’ than ‘designed.’